01. The government has announced a new holiday to [commemorate] the birth of the nation's founder.
02. A $50 gold coin [commemorating] the Queen's visit has just been issued.
03. Celebrations planned to [commemorate] the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus have been met with protests by native people.
04. My son has a collection of hockey cards [commemorating] the greatest moments in his favorite hockey star's career.
05. The Chancellor unveiled a [commemorative] plaque at the Berlin Wall today.
06. Painters, writers and musicians have all produced works to [commemorate] the 200th anniversary of the death of Beethoven.
07. Just outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario there is a monument [commemorating] Terry Fox and his attempted run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research.
08. Why is it that there are holidays, statues, books, paintings and films to [commemorate] the lives of men who were responsible for the death of thousands of people, but nothing to [commemorate] those that spent their lives simply making their families and friends happy?
09. A holiday is held each year in the United States to [commemorate] the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.
10. In 1967, the mint issued a set of [commemorative] coins to celebrate Canada's 100th birthday.
11. The Martian Emperor has decreed the 30th of March as a special holiday to [commemorate] the anniversary of the historic first meeting between Martians and Earthlings in 2050.
12. In Tanzania, families gather to [commemorate] births, marriages, and deaths, and to celebrate a good harvest.
13. The people of Somalia often compose poems to [commemorate] various occasions in their lives.
14. Single, huge, freestanding columns were used as [commemorative] monuments in the Roman Empire from the Hellenistic period onwards.
15. The art of the Roman Empire was generally [commemorative] and narrative, and was based not on myth, but on history.
16. Mother's Day in Bolivia [commemorates] a battle in which the women of Cochabamba successfully defended the city against Spanish forces.
17. Ascension Day, which [commemorates] Jesus Christ's ascension into heaven, was first celebrated in the year 68 A.D.
18. In December of 1982, the island nation of Jamaica issued a Bob Marley [commemorative] stamp in honor of the late reggae singer.
19. The sixtieth birthday of a Japanese man is [commemorated] with a ceremony in which the man wears a special red kimono.
20. The ritual of Catholic mass [commemorates] the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.

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